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Come and Visit Daqing Hengchi Electric Co., Ltd. at cippe2023 Beijing

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Daqing Hengchi Electric Co., Ltd founded in 2007, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on research and development, manufacturing and sales of three-proof lamps, explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof appliances, intelligent mobile lighthouse, green electric intelligent control system, customized intelligent control system and other products. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, military products, railway, electric power, metallurgy, coal and other fields. Company has obtained 482 certificates in total including 36 invention patents, 83 utility model patents, 30 appearance patents, 13 computer software Copyrights. Company will always adhere to the enterprise mission of "details determine to be classic, quality creates the future", deepen communication and cooperation with external friends,  and develop together for the future of China's electrical manufacturing industry on international stage.

Three-chamber lamp series

HC7301 series explosion-proof lamp

Ex Marking: Ex db IIC T6 Gb/ Ex tb IIIC T80℃ Db

Product advantage:HC7301 series explosion-proof lamp is a three-chamber explosion-proof lamp, which is suitable for IIC explosive gas environment and IIIC explosive dust environment.

On the basis of meeting the explosion standard, the thickness of the enclosure is increased to 8mm, and the design concept of I-beam steel is adopted inside the enclosure. Increase the intensity and heat dissipation performance of the whole lamp. JB chamber and Power chamber adopts the form of thread connection, and the effective thread meshing number is 12. The connection between the Power chamber and the Light source chamber adopts the shaft flameproof mode; Effectively improve the explosion-proof performance of the whole lamp. The mounting bracket can be precisely adjusted according to the angle. All products adopt MAOSHUO driver and CREE LEDs to ensure their high quality.

Applications: Oil field, Petrochemical, Railway, Fire, Metallurgy, Coal, Large plants and other flammable and explosive environment.



Mobile Lighthouse is a mobile lighting device integrating multiple functions, such as wireless video transmission, emergency lighting, wind speed monitoring, gas monitoring, non-standard operation snapshot, field command, positioning, brightness adjustment. The lamp pole can be lifted hydraulically to a height of 10m.

Video signals can be transmitted to and stored in PC in real time over wireless network;

4*200W lamps can be supplied with emergency power for 10-hour lighting in case of no electricity;

The command center can be provided with real-time wind speed data via wind speed monitoring to ensure site operation safety;

Alarms can be given in case of toxic or harmful gases monitored in real time on site during operation;

Non-standard operations can be snapshotted in real time on site and pushed to PC;

Remote command can be realized via on-site monitoring and communication;

Equipment location information can be viewed in real time in the background via positioning;

Brightness can be adjusted independently according to lighting conditions at construction site.

Applications:petroleum, petrochemical, military, railway, ship, power, metallurgy, industrial and mining, and other industries.

Green Electricity Intelligent Pumping Unit Control System

Green Electricity Intelligent Pumping Unit Control System enables the pumping unit to save about 50% of effective energy, and performs non-standard operation alarm, equipment operation detection, AI identification, work condition monitoring, big data analysis, etc. The system achieves oil extraction using green electricity generated from light energy and wind energy, and operates synchronously with thermal power generation in a generate-to-use mode; equipped with a cyclic frequency balance device, the system can dynamically adjust pumping speed to achieve soft start; collect useless current and feed back to the motor to power it, which can save about 20% of energy; the old motor can be transformed into a rare-earth permanent magnet motor at a low cost and save about 20% of energy over ordinary motors; with AI intelligent identification, the system can automatically identify oil leakage, water leakage, fire and other production safety hazards, effectively identify violations such as failure to wear working clothes and helmets, snapshot, upload abnormal conditions and give alarms in real time; the system also has intelligent packing box, gas monitoring, working condition analysis and other functions; through the big data analysis platform, the system can display various functions in an integrated manner for comprehensive control to achieve overall remote monitoring of pumping unit operation and digital automatic oil extraction.

Application: oil field enterprises.