The Annual World's Leading Event For Oil & Gas Industry
The 25th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Beijing, China

March 26-28,2025

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Oil & gas exploration, exploit, and production equipment

Petroleum & petrochemical equipment and manufacturing

Technology and equipment for geophysical exploration, well logging and drilling ( for onshore and offshore ).

Examination & repair, maintenance, and management of petroleum & petrochemical equipments

Technology and equipment for oil and gas pipeline engineering

Technology and equipment for scientific research and laboratory in petroleum & petrochemical industry

Driving Machinery including generation set

Technological process and equipment for oil refining.

PCL & DCS Control System, On-site Bus Technical Equipment

Industrial automation plant and instrumentation

Oil & gas ground technical equipment

Technologies and equipment for safety, environmental protection, and energy conservation

Petrochemical production and advanced material

Electrical & electronic equipment, cable and electric wire

Sales system and facilities in petrol & gas station

Pipeline, tank car and special vehicles for oil and gas transportation

Fluid control equipment- Compressor, Pump, Blower and Valve

Fire and alarm equipment, articles for industrial safety and labor protection

Industrial explosion-proof products

Equipment for industrial rinsing, technology and material for anti-corrosion.

Communication, management information system, and e-commerce

Technology and equipment for loading & unloading, packaging, storing & transporting