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Zhejiang Tormin Electric, the expert of Industrial Illumination, will Exhibit at cippe2019

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Company Profile

Founded in 2003, Zhejiang Tormin Electric Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of industrial lighting. The products are widely used in the lighting of industrial enterprises such as petroleum, chemical, electric power, mining, metallurgy, etc. It is an outstanding member of the China Lighting Society and the drafting unit of explosion-proof lamps in the national light industry. It has won the “National High-tech Enterprise” and “Wenzhou Famous Brand Products”. “Wenzhou City Well-known Trademarks”, “Wenzhou Patent Demonstration Enterprise”, “Patent Key Protection Enterprise” and “Wenzhou Enterprise Technology R&D Center” and other honors; the products have passed the national coal mine safety certification, the National Lighting Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the national explosion-proof Electrical product quality supervision and inspection center and other domestic authorities certification; export explosion-proof products have passed the European ATEX explosion-proof certification, IECEx international explosion-proof certification; CE, ROHS and other international certification.

The company has a strong technical research and development and a serious and pragmatic team. Through continuous innovation and comprehensive market experience for more than ten years, the company has always been user-oriented and continuously meets the needs of users. Through continuous improvement, the products can be used for a long time in harsh environments such as explosive gas, dust, corrosion, vibration, high temperature, and high humidity. Safe and reliable work, and many innovations in product use, maintenance, and intelligence, more efficient and user-friendly.

The company’s products not only meet the basic lighting needs but also pay more attention to light and environment, the perfect integration of light and biology, to provide safer and more reliable energy-saving and environmentally friendly products for the intelligent lighting era.

Based on the determination of the industry to serve the country and the company’s century-old brand enterprise, we adhere to the tenet of “win-win customers, employees and enterprises”, and create an excellent platform for the elites who are continually joining the bright future to jointly build a first-class brand of industrial lighting in China.

Exhibit introduction
The company specializes in the production of explosion-proof lighting, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, coal mining, and other industries. Since its establishment in 2003, the company has been dedicated to the R&D, production, and sales of explosion-proof lighting fixtures. The products have been applied to Daqing Refinery, Yanchang Petroleum, Zhejiang PetroChina, Huafeng Group, EXXonMobil, BP, SHELL, DOW, Codelco, PDO etc. Enterprise group, and received high recognition and praise from customers.

The company’s explosion-proof lamps have obtained international IECEx explosion-proof certification, EU ATEX explosion-proof certification, domestic Ex certification, and safety standard MA certification. And in the heat dissipation, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration and other aspects of large research and development customization, has developed a suitable for high temperature, high humidity, strong corrosion, strong vibration, and other harsh industrial environment LED lighting products. And passed the corresponding anti-corrosion (marine I and outdoor strong corrosion grade WF2), anti-vibration, life and other national authorities to test.

The company’s existing products include explosion-proof platform lamps, explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof floodlights and other explosion-proof lamps of various specifications, one-stop solution to mining, refining, storage, transportation, production, processing, sales and other places in the petroleum and chemical industry. Lighting problem. The company has a professional sales support team, tailor-made unique professional lighting solutions according to the individual needs of users.

We expect your visit at cippe2019 and our booth number is E3250.

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