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The Energy Supply and Security Capacity of China Continues to Improve

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According to the report of Xinhua News Agency on October 29, Song Wen, the deputy director of the Development Planning Department of the National Energy Administration, said that China’s energy supply and security capacity continues to improve in the first three quarters of this year.

At the press conference of the National Energy Administration held on the same day, Song added that China’s oil and gas production and storage increased in the first three quarters. Furthermore, the domestic crude oil production reached 143 million tons, up 1.2% year-on-year, reversing the consecutive decline of three years. The Natural gas production was 127.7 billion cubic meters, up 9.5% year-on-year and 3.3 percentage points higher than the same period last year. The high-quality production capacity of coal was released orderly and 40 new large and medium-sized coal mines were newly approved with a construction scale of 196 million tons.

At the same time, China’s power supply capacity has been further enhanced as well. The newly added power generation capacity was 64.55 million kilowatts, including 2.8 million kilowatts of hydropower, 13.08 million kilowatts of wind power, 15.99 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power, 4.09 million kilowatts of nuclear power, and 56% non-fossil energy power generation in new installed capacity.

“ The low-carbon transformation of green energy has been further advanced in the first three quarter” Song said. The proportion of non-fossil energy installed capacity reached 37.2% and the power generation reached 28.2% for 6,000 KW and above power plants by of the end of September, up 0.8 percentage points and 1.5 percentage points respectively over the same period of the previous year. Simultaneously, the development of renewable energy consumption in China continues to improve, and the electricity consumption structure continues to be optimized.

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