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CNPC brings new products, technology to cippe2018

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The 18th China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology Equipment Exhibition is held in Beijing new national exhibition center from Mar.27th to Mar.29th, 2018. China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) co., LTD., for nine consecutive years, has participated in the CIPPE as exhibition group of China petroleum equipment by organizing all participated enterprises under CNPC.

CNPC is the upstream and downstream, foreign trade, production and sales of integrated international energy company, which has a complete petroleum and petrochemical industry chain including exploration and exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry, pipeline transport, sales, trade, engineering, construction, equipment manufacturing, mining services, etc. It is ranked fourth in the world top 500, and the third in the 50 largest oil companies and is a comprehensive international energy company. Its production involves drilling, oil, steel, power, etc., including nine categories and more than 200 varieties in total, and product sales to more than 80 countries and regions. It has become an important force in the equipment manufacturing industry in our country with continuous improvement in international influence, competitiveness and innovation ability.

Our exhibition group constitutes of Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co. LTD. (BOMCO), Baoji petroleum pipe co. LTD.,  Bohai drilling equipment company , Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd, CPTDC, Jilin oilfield, Daqing oilfield, Jidong oilfield, Huabei oilfield, Bohai drilling, China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, drilling engineering institute of technology, oil pipeline engineering technology research institute, Xinjiang oilfield engineering institute of technology, Wuxi kunlun Fuji instrumentation company, shipping companies, the Kunlun lubricating oil company, kunlun leasing and related units. We are focusing on display of providing system solutions, manufacturing + service, and remote monitoring system and other integrated services to customers.

Our exhibition group covers area of more than 3700 square meters equipped with over 300 objects and models. More than 100 items are new products and new technologies, taking more than 30% of the total exhibits, including  2500 type electric fracturing truck, 7000m automation drill string, “10” Marine geology survey ship, QDP2200 five cylinder drilling mud pump group, coiled tubing service trucks, S340 shale shaker, 175 generator units, etc. Our exhibition group will also hold multi-level technical seminars and product promotion and other activities in various forms. It is the largest and best location with most equipments, most bright spots, biggest effect, and involves biggest passenger and is the most remarkable exhibition group.

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