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Recommended Exhibitor_ Tecreal

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Tecreal Fluid Control Systems Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, specializing in providing advanced high-quality fluid control and engineering technology services.

With years of experience and pursuit of high quality self-control valves, the company signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with the famous European manufacturer of self-control valves, OMAL S.P.A., in 2003, and became the general agent of OMAL in China (including Hong Kong and Macao). Responsible for sales and technical related matters of OMAL automatic valve products in China. Over the past 17 years, we have been committed to providing pure imported valves, actuators and other products for the giants of petrochemical, metallurgical, water, power and pharmaceutical industries to meet the design and production needs of industry users with the most advanced and appropriate products.

The company mainly engaged in fluid control products and provide integrated technical services. The main products are: pneumatic/electric actuators, pneumatic/electric ball valves, pneumatic/electric butterfly valves, pneumatic corner seat valves, pneumatic shuttle valves, valve accessories and SUBITOP intelligent valve brand, which are widely used in petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry, water treatment, robots, food, pharmaceuticals and other major automatic control fields.

Exhibit Introduction

OMAL Pneumatic Actuator adopts the design of “dial fork variable torque” structure and multi-point guide sealing system. This technology not only achieves 50% greater opening and closing torque than rack-and-pinion actuator, but also has excellent sealing performance, 20% – 40% less average gas consumption, 50% smaller volume and 5 – 10 times longer durability than rack-and-pinion actuator. The characteristics of the control unit have the ability to match with many instruments and control systems. Any industry involved in process control, the use of OMAL pneumatic actuator will greatly improve the level of its process control.

Since the first European pneumatic actuator of “single cylinder, double piston and fork type variable torque” was produced in 1981, OMAL has attracted much attention for its advanced design idea, stable operation performance and reliable working quality. More than 30 years of experience accumulated in the development and manufacturing process has become an important guarantee for OMAL Omar to provide excellent performance products. At present, OMAL pneumatic actuator has been more and more used in petrochemical, natural gas, metallurgy, water industry, mining, mechanical automation, gas industry and other industries. It has become an ideal product to replace the traditional actuator and solve the problems of existing actuators.

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