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Recommended Exhibitor of cippe2019_Solco Pyroelec

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Solco Pyroelec provides Ex heating jacket, Ex leak detection system and Ex heat tracing system for business partners throughs the world. It covers the whole process of product design, production, testing and systematic quality management as well as 3rd party approvals for the best performing and competitive products and services on site.

Item 1. Heat tracing system & Item 2. Ex heating jacket

Solco Pyroelec, the leader of Explosion-proof heat tracing system suppliers, provides global
trace heating solutions including development and manufacturing of industrial heating cables, Ex certified components and heating jackets as well as thermal design, on-site installation, certification and periodic maintenance.

Reliable and competitive heating cable systems and Ex heating jackets have been widely accepted in various industries such as architecture, gas, oil, metro-chemical, ship-building and semi-conductor industry for their outstanding performance.

Item 3 Leak detection system

The fluid leakage in the building such as data centre or command room can stop all electrical and electronic equipment and the relevant safety systems from correct appropriate operation.Furthermore, it can cause serious losses such as environmental pollution, fire, explosion and/or casualties. LEAKBAN leak detection cable system can detect various types of leakage from pipes and other equipment. Furthermore, it pinpoints the position where the leakage occurred with high accuracy.

Core Technologies

Heating Cable & Jacket Heater Manufacturing, Dispersion Process of Conductive Particles, Extrusion and Injection Molding, Ex Product and Component Design, Product Certification ATEX, IECEx, FM, Installation Design of Ex Heating System, Supervision and Consulting are the core technologies, which sustains the vision of Solco Pyroelec.

Solco Pyroelec has valuable worldwide network thanks to strategic alliance with European customers in Russia, U.K. and France, Spain.

Solco Pyroelec has been recognized as an official supplier of heat tracing and leak detection system by worldwide big companies in semiconductor, petrochemical and refinery, shipbuilding and off-shore industries.

The advanced quality management system conforming with IEC80079-34 is the competing edge of Solco Pyroelec in the world market.

SOLCO PYROELEC provides the best quality TOTAL SOLUTION of industrial TRACE HEATING
and LEAK DETECTION SYSTEM with reliability, efficiency and proactiveness to become WORLD LEADER of industry.

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