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Oilfield Environmental Protection Companies Will Gather on cippe2019 (List Attached )

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With the economic growth, the demand for oil has increased and the exploitation has developed dramatically in recent years. As a result, the oilfield pollution become increasingly prominent and was compared to a time bomb for the environment by some researchers.

As the world leading trade fair for petroleum and petrochemical industry, cippe2019 advocate and encourage the exhibitor’s efforts to the Environmental Protection, which received active supports from lots of enterprises, such as, Jereh, HBP, HAIMO, ANTON Oil, GN Solid Control, SPT Energy Group, KES, AIPU, Brightway, Xinfeng Machinery, TR Solid Control, AOJOA, ANGUIL, Jinan Niutech Environment, etc. They will display their new products, technology and experience in soil remediation, sludge disposal, oilfield sewage treatment, solid waste management, ecological restoration equipment, etc.

Oilfield environmental protection companies will exhibit on cippe2019:

Booth Exhibitor Exhibit Profile
E1230 JEREH Ecological remediation, solid waste treatment, water treatment, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, etc.
E1211 China Oil HBP Group Comprehensive technology for contaminated site remediation and sludge treatment, complete processes involving reduction, resource recovery and harmless treatment
E2160 Haimo Technologies Group Corp. Multiphase Flow Meter, Intelligent Oil Production System, Well Completion, Well Logging, Flow-back Water Treatment for Reuse
E1210 Antonoil Full life cycle service of oil and gas development
E2168 Hebei GN Solid Control Co., Ltd Solid control and waste drilling treatment equipment
W2450 Shandong Borun Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.(Birtley) Thermal plasma waste disposal technology
E2185 KES Energy Equipment Manufacturing Hebei Co., Ltd Vibrating screen, vacuum deaerator, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, centrifuge, dryer, mud-water separation system, sand pump, jet mud mixer, agitator, liquid-gas separator, electronic ignition device, mud tank, water tank, oil tank, etc.
E1212 AST Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd Large detachable mobile environmental protection tank; Whole process IoT of large-scale fracturing process of oil and gas field (IOT 4.0), Mobile flow-back liquid treatment system
E3520 Shaanxi Aipu Solids Control Co., Ltd Solids Control
E1385 Xi’an Brightway Energy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd Shale shaker, mud cleaner, environmentally friendly centrifuge, drill cutting machine
E1231 Zhengzhou Xinfeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd Harmless Treatment Station of Oily Sludge
E3370 Xi′an TianRui Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., LTD. Mud solid control equipment, solid control system and mud purification and separation mechanical equipment such as vibrating screen, desilter, jet mud mixer, etc.
E2028 Shanghai Aojoa Ecology and Environment Technology Co.,Ltd Petroleum pollution remediation, sludge treatment, Fracturing flow-back liquid treatment, soil improvement, etc.
W1635 Anguil Environmental Asia (Shanghai) Ltd. Global supplier of air pollution control and energy recovery systems
W1725 Niutech Environment Technology Corporation Industrial Continuous Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Resourceful Treatment Equipment and Technology, Waste Polymer (waste tyre, waste plastic, industrial solid waste, hazardous waste, biomass etc.), Continuous Pyrolysis Equipment & Technology
E1109 HANGZHOU ZAOPINST CO.,LTD. Oily sludge, Tank Bottom Oily Sludge, Aged Oil Sludge, Refinery Sludge
W2379 Shaanxi Zhengda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Explosion-proof non-contact water oil monitoring device, portable high precision water oil monitor, On-Line Analyzer For Total Iron Monitoring
W2760 Shaanxi Oufeide Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Sewage sludge treatment, oily waste packaging treatment, water treatment, microbial soil remediation technology, oil/water separation agent, sludge cleaning agent
W2593 Inner Mongolia Hengsheng Environmental Technology Engineering Co.,LTD Drilling mud in oil and gas field; harmless disposal technology for fracturing flow-back fluid; resource recycling of drilling waste
E3615 Nanjing Molniya centrifugal machine technology development Co.,Ltd complete set of technical equipment of Sewage sludge treatment


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