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March 21-23,2022

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New Dates Announced! cippe2021 Will be Held on 8-10 June in Beijing

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The 21st China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe2021), is rescheduled to 8-10 June 2021 at New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing. cippe is the world’s leading event for oil & gas industry in China, cippe2021 will be the world’s first ultra-large-scale oil and gas exhibition to be held in-person in the post-pandemic era, and also a world’s leading professional energy equipment event.


New Dates to Ensure the Effectiveness of cippe2021

According to the director of cippe organizing committee, after communicating with relevant government departments and careful consideration, cippe2021, which was originally scheduled from 30 March to 1 April, has been postponed to 8-10 June 2021. It is not only to actively respond to national epidemic prevention requirements, but also to ensure the health and safety of all attendees, and to further ensure the effectiveness of the exhibition.

cippe, as an international event for the oil and gas industry held for 20 sessions consecutively, has always been aiming at “serving enterprises and promoting industry”, taking “ensure enterprises to expand business” as its service concept, and devoted to building a one-stop exhibition service platform to promote the development of the global oil and gas industry. cippe organizing committee will continue to prepare for the upcoming event, increase marketing and promotion, and strive to create the best environment for exhibiting and visiting, and effectively achieve a better effect.


Giants Gather at the World’s First Large-Scale Oil & Gas Event in the Post-pandemic Era

At present, overseas exhibitions are basically in a stagnant state, while China’s exhibition industry has fully restarted. cippe2021 will be the world’s first large-scale oil and gas event held in the post-pandemic era.

cippe2021 had received active responses from industry enterprises since the beginning. Up to now, nearly 1,600 exhibitors have signed up, including Rosneft, Gazprom, Transneft, Caterpillar, NOV, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Honeywell, Philips, Dow Chemical, Rockwell, Cummins, Emerson, CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, CASC, CIMC Raffles, HONGHUA, JEREH, KERUI, SANY Group, China Oil HBP Group, CITIC Heavy Industries, Hilong Group, ZPEC, Anton, etc.


Precise Invitations for High Quality Visitors Through Diverse Channels

cippe organizing committee had formulated and implemented a comprehensive promotion plan and visitor organizing plan. The organizing committee conducts extensive marketing promotion through new medias such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Toutiao, outdoor advertising in industrial parks, mainstream medias and industry medias at home and abroad. At the same time, cippe also invite professional visitors through business visits, emails, telephones, We-Chat, SMS, direct emails and other methods, inquiry about procurement needs and build one-on-one supply-demand matching platform for suppliers and buyers.


cippe organizing committee will do the best to ensure the health and safety of all attendees, and provide more convenience for professional visitors. cippe2021 is expected to welcome more quality visitors and achieve a more successful exhibition.

Simultaneous Online and Offline Exhibition

cippe2021 will be held online and offline simultaneously. A Chinese-English bilingual online platform will be built, to enable domestic and overseas attendees who cannot attend in-person to participate in, update with new products and technologies in the industry, connect with industry colleagues, and enjoy the event without leaving home.

cippe online platform will mainly provide three major functions of product display, live broadcast, and supply and demand matching. In addition to displaying products and technologies online, exhibitors could also initiate live broadcasts for worldwide promotion. The platform will also facilitate exhibitors and visitors with supply and demand needs to connect and communicate online, promote trade cooperation between enterprises.


Some experts said that in the post-pandemic era, the world landscape will be reshaped. The trends of eastward migration of technology, manufacturing, capital and talents migration eastward will not change. China will bring more opportunities to the world. As the world’s leading event for oil & gas industry in China, cippe is a weather vane for the development of the world’s oil and gas industry, and one of the best high-end professional platform for enterprises to display innovative achievements, deepen communication and cooperation, and expand trade and exchanges.

We look forward to meeting you in Beijing on June 8-10, 2021!

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