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March 21-23,2022

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Mud Pump Accessories Supplier – Dezhou Boru Will Exhibit on cippe2022

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Dezhou Boru Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will exhibit on cippe2022 from 21-23 March at NCIEC, Beijing. Welcome to visit us at stand E3665.

Specializing in the R&D of mud pump accessories, Boru’s main products include cylinder, cylinder liner, flange, piston, valve assembly, extension rod, piston rod, etc., are all produced strictly in accordance with the API standard, and could be matched with mud pumps of the world’s major well-known brands, such as NOV, Emsco, Gardner Denver, BOMCO, Honghua and so on, with performance meets or exceeds OEM standards.

The company has passed ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification, provides F series, 3NB series and other drilling mud pump accessories. Its products have been widely used in major oilfields of CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC, and also have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions overseas, such as Russia, India, Arabia, Iran, etc., and have received unanimous appreciation and praise from customers.

Main Products of Boru:

Mud Pump Fluid End Module

Boru’s mud pump fluid end module adopts corrosion-resistant, high-strength high-quality alloy steel large forgings, which has the characteristics of tensile and wear resistance after quenching and tempering. And it adopts XH768 CNC processing equipment and technology that integrates drilling, milling, and tapping in the inner cavity processing, improves processing accuracy and safety factor of the valve box, so that it could achieve advantages of high pressure resistance (35MPa working pressure), corrosion resistance and long service life, which is more suitable for the drilling process requirements of oilfields such as high pump pressure and large displacement. The product conforms to API 7K specifications and is widely used in drilling.

Mud Pump Pinion Shaft

Alloy steel forgings, machined man-shaped gear on the shaft, and hard tooth surface. Descriptions:

1.Material: alloy structural steel, carbon structural steel

2.Heat Treatment: quenching and tempering, high frequency quenching, carburizing quenching, etc.

3.Surface Treatment: according to customer requirements, galvanized/galvanized, Dacro, black anodic treatment, paint, mirror polishing, polishing, sandblasting, etc.

4.Inspection: through the inspection and test of each process, to ensure the best quality.

5.Delivery Conditions: hot forging + rough machining + heat treatment (optional) + flaw detection

Mud Pump Crankshaft:

Provides crankshafts suitable for various series of mud pump.

1. Made of different materials according to the needs of customers.

2. The power end pump component itself is balanced to reduce the pressure applied to the bearing and power frame, so that the power end of the pump has a longer service life, and reduced cost in maintenance and operation. In addition, it achieve balance in use, low noise, low vibration.

3. With the unique design, the manufacturing point is far away from the high stress area, so the force exerted on the crankshaft is reduced, so as the possibility of fatigue cracking.

4. Comprehensive heat treatment is adopted after welding to eliminate stress and improve durability, as well as precision machining and rigorous testing, to ensure the crankshafts meet dimensional tolerance requirements and other specifications.

Intermediate Rod (Extension Rod)

With a packing box assembly on the surface, so that during reciprocating motion, the outer edge of the middle pull rod and sealing parts in the packing box will rub against each other. To ensure wear resistance, the outer surface of the middle pull rod is plated with hard chrome.

Mud Pump Gear Ring:

Provides both big ring and small gear, and generally, the hardness of small gear is greater than big ring.

Boru adopts special heat treatment technology in the casting process of big ring to optimize the structure of the gear ring, improve the hardness, and greatly enhance wear resistance and impact resistance. And its tooth shape is like a zigzag tooth, with inner hole in interference fit with the crankshaft, and fastened with bolts and locknut.

Valve Assembly:

Main material of Boru’s valve assembly is made of alloy steel (20CrMnTi, 20CrNiMo) with quality exceeds petroleum industry standard. Adopting advanced heat treatment to achieve high strength and toughness, the working surface has a hardness above HRC58. And in accordance with strict processing regulations to ensure high finish and accurate dimensions. Normally, its valve rubber is made of nitrile rubber, but polyurethane rubber can also be used to improve the working temperature range.

Mud Pump Pistons:

Boru’s mud pump pistons are widely used in all kinds of mud pumps, especially for high pressure injection drilling and ceramic cylinder liners. Compared to traditional designs, Boru’s reinforced joint design keeps the sealing area away from the hub base, which forces the piston hub away from the liner wall to prevent contact, heat and damage. Its standard bonded polyurethane pistons are designed for operation up to 220℉(104℃), and an optional high temperature version with a friction-reducing additive for use up to 300℉(149℃) is also available. And are all able to operate at pressures up to 7,500 psi (51.7 MPa).

The core of Boru’s piston is a proprietary polyurethane compound which is stronger and more resistant to chemical corrosion. Only the best base materials can be used to ensure consistent performance. Its dual Durometer design features a rugged high durometer base near the piston hub that resizes extrusion even under the highest pressure loads. A softer upper layer provides a blister-free seal even at low pressure and wipes debris from liner walls during suction strokes.

Mud Pump Crosshead:

Made of spherical cast iron with good wear resistance and long service life. Except the F-500 mud pump which has a guide tube structure, the other mud pumps adopt the upper and lower guide plate structure, and adding gaskets under the lower guide plate to adjust the concentricity. The crosshead and middle pull rod are connected by flange bolts with pin holes to ensure concentricity. And the middle rod and the piston rod are connected by light weight clamp, so that the connection is convenient and reliable.

In line with the principle of “mutual benefit and common development”, Boru is in the persistent pursuit of the tenet of ”Striving for survival by quality, promoting development by management, seeking progress by innovation and expanding markets by honesty” to provide customers with petroleum drilling machinery products of great value.

Looking forward to meeting you on cippe 2022. For more info, visit Boru at:

LinkedIn: Dezhou Boru Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD

YouTube: Dezhou Boru Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD

Facebook: Dezhou Boru Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD

INS: Dezhou Boru Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD

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