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Meet Organic Waste Pyrolysis Experts at Shanghai Petrochemical Show

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Niutech Environment Technology Corporation founded in the 1980s and located in Jinan, Shandong Province, is the first national high-tech enterprise specializing in the polymer waste pyrolysis application, as well as the worldwide leading organization priories Economic & Environmental friendly solutions.

Our R&D team currently holds more than 70 patents and 18 in pending. With the core competitive advantage of continuous pyrolysis, our team developed high-end continuous polymer waste pyrolysis product lines. As the industry leader, we offering the economic and environmentally friendly alternatives solution and attempted to create a continuum of continuity in impeccable service. We provide the unique continuous system and advanced Pyrolysis technical.

With the various innovative breakthroughs, our systems are specialized in convert solid waste, including wasted rubber, wasted plastic, oil sludge, waste mineral oil, industrial waste salt, solid waste, waste resin, paint residue, paint tanks, coal tar, municipalities sludge and residential waste into non- toxic and valuable recycle resources as well as avoiding the highly polluting processes compare to the traditional path. Our organization is passionate to creating a safe and sustainable environment for the global community. Therefore, we can safeguard health, foster sustainability and keep public spaces clean. According to the latest industry trend, our team continually working on expand product lines in order to fulfill international marketing demands.

With over thirty years’ experience in Pyrolysis industry, our organization possessed abundant R & D strength and effective quality operation system. At Niutech, we understand that technology and equipment alone usually does not make an economically sustainable business model. Thus, our sales team will work closely with you to determine an initial needs assessment and tailor the solutions to meet your special needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We committed safe work environment and developed continuous pyrolysis system with far-reaching impact. In addition, our technology and business model contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Facility Image

Continuous Pyrolysis Production Line for Wasted Oil


Our Product line can process various range of wasted oil, including, Tank bottom sludge (罐底油泥), sludge from oilfield ground crude oil (落地油泥), spilled crude oil on the surface (地面溢油),Sludge from Refinery and so forth.

Technology Competitive Advantages

Our sophisticated technology allowed the product line to process variety of wasted solid. At the meanwhile, we commitment the safe work environment and guarantees high quality and reliability of the equipment manufactured.

Oil sludge is continuously fed into pyrolysis reactor. Liquid fuel, solid output and combustible gas obtained once pyrolysis reaction and separating process took place. Furthermore, the combustible gas provides the energy to pyrolysis process in a relatively low-cost manner which promote a circular economy alternative. The liquid fuel can resale directly or serve as extracting base of diesel. We aim to achieve non-toxic, circular economy and maximum profitability, meanwhile, our advanced pyrolysis technology allowed the entire product line operating under a safe, sustainable and environment friendly condition.

The smoke scrubbing and recycle system successfully accomplished energy saving and emission reduction. Our patented anti-coking tech and heat distribution tech effectively lower the overall temperature in the pyrolysis procedure to ensure heat distribute evenly in order to produce the high qualified liquid oil. The heat conceal technology realized continuous feeding and discharging.

After multi-stage purification, the purified smoke is emitted at the condition that compliance with local standard. In addition, our emission index is superior to current national standard, EU EEA and US EPA emission standards.

In order to monitor pressure, temperature and other critical parameters, the production line adopted PLC (Production Line Control)/DCS (Digital Control Line) control system. The control system monitoring each production function in 24/7. It includes the following functions, data collection, calculation, recording, reporting as well as self-correct safety alert, to ensure the entire operation system running under a safe, sustainable and environment friendly condition.

We prioritize environmental thus no chemicals add during the pyrolysis process. We have a substantial advantage over potential competitors not only in technical perspective but also in economic return in the long-term. The percentage of mineral oil in the residue substantively reduced less than 0.3% which is lower than Agricultural sludge pollutant control standard – GB4284-2018. Therefore, it can be reused in arable land. Harmless treatment and resource utilization make the output more desirable in the competitive market.

Technology Advantage

Niutech pyrolysis technology and equipment selected by MIIT “Major Environmental Technology and Equipment Catalog” Meanwhile Niutech Selected into the list of “Leading Enterprises of Significant Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Encouraged by the State for Development” issued by MIIT.

According to National Tech-entrepreneur Association Committee, our technical have a substantial advantage over potential competitors in the worldwide scale. In addition, it should be promoted to fulfill the current market demand.

Market Application

This set of equipment market has a wide range of applications. The oil sludge pyrolysis project located in Xinjiang is the largest and highest investment amount of oil sludge pyrolysis project in the world, and it is also the supervision project of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. Meanwhile, this project also gain attention from the leaders of the National Department of Eco-Environment and the Environmental Protection Department of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. It is also the largest single-unit project undertaken by Niutech since its establishment.

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