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Drilling Tools Expert, North Shuangjia, expects your visit at cippe2019

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Since the 1970s, Heilongjiang North Shuangjia Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. (NSJ-DRILLING) has started to develop and produce oil downhole tools, we accumulated rich experience in development, production and management. We obtained the right to use API monogram since 2003,and become one of the first batch enterprises in China owns the right to the use the API monogram, from1997,we have passed the ISO quality system authentication. After 40 years of development, our products now cover more than ten series, hundreds of varieties and thousands of specifications, such as DRILLING TOOLS FOR TOP DRIVE ,WELLHEAD TOOLS, JARS,HOLE OPENING TOOLS,DRILL-STAM TOOLS,DIRECTIONAL TOOLS, CEMENTING AND CASING ACCESSORIE TOOLS,FISHING TOOLS ,MILLING TOOLS and INCIDENT HANDLING TOOLS, etc.

Welcome to visit Shuangjia booth E2175 during cippe2019, held at New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing on 27-29 March 2019.

CASING RUNNING TOOLS: Casing running system is a new technology of running casing, in view of the limitation about the normal running casing operation, we researched and developed a kind of casing running tool which owns advantages of safety and high-efficiency. According to casing size and different design requirements that can be designed external type or internal type. This technology can take all advantages of top drive drilling, when running casing, the casing string can be simultaneously accomplished rotating, lifting, running and circulating mud, etc. which maximum guarantee the casing right down to the bottom of the well, and the success rate, operation security and work efficiency of running casing will be improved greatly.

Jars:Our company owns the most comprehensive jars and shock absorbers in China. According to the function Jars can be divided into drilling jar, fishing jar. shock absorber, etc.

Torque Reduction Sub: Shuangjia TRS is an integral drill string component consisting of a short one piece mandrel utilizing proprietary bearing technology to support a non rotating one piece sleeve. Tools can be positioned between the connections of the drill pipe and spaced appropriately to cover the build section of the wellbore. The use of these tools can reduce drilling torque by significant amounts (25-35%) and is also effective at reducing string transmitted vibration.

Shuangjia Multi-function casing scraper is a new type casing scraper, it can worked as nonrotating fixed type casing scraper, and also can worked as a rotating type casing scraper.Besides normal cleaning operation, it should stop running in the drill string when stuck, then should connect the washover tools, and applying some pull force to shear the pin, then shift to rotating mode, then proceed releasing stuck operation, like providing a torque,pushing,circulation and jarring until recover the normal situation, then continue to run in drill string.

Shuangjia Long-shaped fishing magnet is a new type pipe cleaning fishing tools, normally worked together with multi function casing scraper, absorbing ferromagnetic sundries in mud. It mainly used in washover operation with low flow and low circulation, it has obvious absorbing effect.

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