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March 21-23,2022

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About cippe, Let’s listen to what exhibitors say_Part Two

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After 18 years development, cippe has expanded its space and influence in petroleum and petrochemical industry. It received more and more supports and trust from both existing and new exhibitors. Let’s listen to what they say about cippe.

Alexander Mikuzka Yevna / Marketing Department

Gazprom is the world’s largest natural gas company, which includes exploration, mining, transportation and processing, marketing of natural gas, gas condensate and crude oil. Gazprom participated in cippe for the seventh time and brought its latest oil and gas exploration technology, gathering technology and various cooperation projects.

Don Vitek / Manager

The Chinese market has developed very rapidly in recent years and the number of API Certified companies has grown rapidly as well. In view of China’s huge market potential, I often come to China for marketing. The cippe showed China’s rapid development in the field of petroleum and petrochemical equipment.

Jie Zhou / Marketing Director
Zhuzhou Tongda Carbide Co., ltd

cippe is a very influential exhibition and our company has participated in cippe for two years consecutively. The effect of the exhibiting is obvious, for example, Not only have we reached cooperation with customers at the exhibition, but also developed several new products according to customer needs. In 2019, we will continue to exhibit at cippe.

Energy Department

cippe is one of the largest oil exhibitions in the world and we will not miss this opportunity to showcase our new exhibits. China’s market potential is huge and we can find the latest growth points here. The scale of cippe Beijing Petroleum Exhibition is constantly expanding and the effect is getting better and better, which is what the exhibitors are looking forward to.

Yang Hanli / President

cippe has greatly improved in scale and popularity. At the exhibition, we exhibited fast-moving drilling rigs, including car-mounted drilling rigs, modular drilling rigs, and helicopter hoisting rigs with high technical reputation. The single hoist weighs 2.5 tons and is at the leading level in the world, which is also one of the highlights of our company. I am very confident in the oil industry.

Ruide Cai / Commercial Counselor
The US Embassy in China

It is a pleasure to see more and more American companies attending cippe. that provides American companies with the best opportunity to showcase their technology, products and experience to Chinese customers. cippe will further promote the development of Sino-US oil companies’ trade relations.

Stephanie Heydolph / Chief Representative in China

It’s the eighth time for us to organize German companies to participate in cippe. In this special and professional exhibition, our member companies have achieved good results and got a lot of business opportunities. VDMA member companies and other German companies will continue to participate in cippe in 2019. we thank the organizing committee for providing this international communication and publicity platform.

Agres Hagyak / Energy Project Manager
French Trade commission

cippe has been the bridge for Sino-French cooperation that has been continuously enhanced. It’s the eighth time that we have brought the French delegation to cippe. This year, we brought 20 companies, 50% of which have established partnerships with Chinese companies, which means that not only the business forum can match the two countries’ companies, but also the exhibition can meet the hope of French companies to enter the Chinese market and look for cooperation opportunities. Therefore, we participate in this exhibition every year to find new opportunities and develop partnerships between Chinese and French companies.

Claire Miller / Director of Member Service

For UK companies, showcasing our advanced equipment here means finding more business opportunities in this market.British companies have long enjoyed a reputation as a supplier of oil and gas equipment. At present, we have many engineering projects in China. cippe is a good opportunity for us, and enterprises will try to find more business opportunities.

John Cotton / Assistant Deputy Minister
Department of International Relations and Political Relations, Alberta, Canada

cippe Beijing is an exhibition with great influence around the world. Through this platform, our Canadian exhibitors have further learned about China. There can be better cooperation opportunities between Chinese and Canadian companies. The organizer’s work is also orderly and recognized by the exhibitors. We will organize more Canadian businesses to participate in cippe next year.

Zhu Fuming / General Manager
Department of Life and Safety of HONEYWELL

At this exhibition, we brought the latest X and X products. Currently, there is a new hot protocol in this industry, which has gradually become a common communication mode in the industry. The visitors coming to the exhibition site are huge. For us, the current development trend is optimistic and the growth space for Chinese companies and Honeywell will be very large.

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