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Welcome Huisman to Join in cippe2019

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About Company
Huisman is a worldwide operating company with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of heavy construction equipment for world’s leading companies in the oil & gas, renewables and leisure markets. Our product range can be divided into six main categories: Cranes, Pipelay Equipment, Drilling Equipment, Winches, Vessel Designs and Specials. Our projects vary from stand-alone to highly engineered and integrated systems, from concept to installation and life time support.

Huisman expanded its operations to Zhangzhou (Xiamen area) in China to facilitate customers in the Asian region and to increase the overall production capacity. The Huisman China facility has been fully operational since April 2007 and delivers a significant contribution to the overall Huisman engineering and production capacity. Over the years, Huisman China has manufactured a fair share of the Huisman products including the two largest offshore mast cranes (4,000mt and 5,000mt) ever built by Huisman, the world largest tub mounted cranes (2×10,000mt ),the first-ever deepwater Flex-lay system (600mt) and Well Intervention Towers.

Huisman China has excellent facilities at its disposal. With the 380m long quayside in place, the Huisman China facility is easily accessible for seagoing vessels, allowing for fast installation, commissioning and testing of the Huisman designed and built offshore construction equipment onboard. Besides the installation of Huisman products, the quay and 2,600mt travelling quayside crane also serve commercial purposes for companies throughout China. The largest workshop, out of a total of 17 production halls, is 205m long, 54m wide and 62m high and has an internal lifting capacity of 2,000mt. The other facilities include a pre-treatment shop, a shot blasting hall, two painting hull, a laboratory, a maintenance facility and training school, etc.

Delivering high quality products is Huisman’s number one key target. As a result, our products are internationally known for their high quality and reliability during operations. All Huisman production facilities work according the same strict quality standards and therefore meet the most stringent performance criteria as set by the recognized authorities. Huisman China is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 , OHSAS 18001:2007 and BV. All Huisman China employees have received solid and professional training to guarantee the high corporate quality standards.

Our in-house design and engineering expertise, in combination with our production, testing, commissioning and installation facilities, enable us to deliver custom-designed equipment on a turnkey basis.

Products Introduction
Huisman has been designing and building equipment for the offshore drilling market for over 15 years. One of the most distinct features of the Huisman drilling systems is the Multi Purpose Tower (MPT).The box structure provides both the main load carrying element and an enclosed environment for the mounting of all major equipment. The latest Dual Multi Purpose Tower (DMPT) has two hoist sides; with the two hoists many of the drilling activities can be performed simultaneously, which increases the efficiency.

Huisman has in-house vessel design capabilities. This allows us to provide solutions in which vessel and equipment are fully integrated. Designing both vessel and equipment allows for optimization of the entire drilling unit. The result is a more compact drilling vessel compared to drillships with equal capacities and, therefore, lower building costs and lower operational costs. The first drillships based on the Huisman’s drillship design are already operational.

In 2005 Huisman introduced its first land drilling rig to the market: the LOC 250. This was a fully containerised drilling rig for use on land. The introduction was soon followed by the LOC 400 of which several units are operational in the US; 2 units have just completed geothermal wells in the Netherlands. Currently a new land rig, the InnoRig, is under development that will be able to efficiently drill multiple wells on one drill site.

In addition to on- and offshore drilling, Huisman also supplies equipment for the well intervention market. With the ever increasing number of subsea wells the need for efficient means of well intervention is growing every day. Huisman has already delivered two well intervention systems, one for open water and one for riser based well intervention. Another three are under construction.

Huisman is continuously exploring and realizing new solutions to improve drilling operations. Huisman is looking for ways to safely and efficiently take offshore drilling to the arctic regions, where many believe large undiscovered oil reserves lie hidden. Another focus point is to further improve efficiency and reduce HSE risks by fully automating the drilling system. The land rigs are already able to trip in and out of the hole fully automatically, without the need of any people on the drill floor.

Welcome to visit our stand W1610 at cippe2019 held at New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing on 27-29 2019.

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