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Torbo – The mobile sandblasting machine for your project

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torbo ENGINEERING KEIZERS GmbH is manufacturer of mobile sandblasting machines for wet abrasive blasting. Our torbo blasting machines enable an almost dust-free, ecological and effective sandblasting. This special blasting process (not to be confused with wet sand blasting) therefore meets the highest demands for precise and specific cleaning performance. Regardless of the surface quality or the starting material. Whether natural stone, concrete or various types of steel, metal or wood.- The torbo technology restores the original condition of the surfaces.  Gentle and powerful at the same time!

Therefore, the torbo system is successfully used worldwide for example in the oil and gas industry, in thepreservation of historical monuments, for cleaning facades and graffiti removal, in the repair and maintenance of ships and boats by companies, cities and municipalities alike.

The torbo wet abrasive blasting machines are available as single units as well as mobile sandblasting machines. Learn more about our company, please visit our official website:

The vapor abrasive blasting systems from torbo
Torbo offers a wide range of systems for vapor abrasive blasting according to your requirements and the tasks at hand. Vapor abrasive blasting Systems are designed to clean delicate surfaces like facades or monuments. Graffiti is easily erased from walls and chewing gum is blasted off of sidewalks in no time. Our model torbocar is ideal for mobile purposes and short setup times. The vapor abrasive blasting system, including compressor and big watertank, is mounted onto a small trailer, wich makes it the perfect model for municipalities and industrial purposes. If non of our systems meet your requirements please get in touch with us. We are happy to assist you with a custom-made vapor abrasive system and an individual offer.


You can get more introduction about our products through the following website link,

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