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Talcyon, the Tube Inspection Expert, will Exhibit at cippe2019

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Company Introduction
Who is Talcyon?

Talcyon develops and manufactures Tube Inspection Devices. Our patented equipment finds defects in tubing and piping systems using Acoustic Technology, also known as Pulse Reflectometry. With our technology, you will be able to find holes, blockages, and wall-loss.

Pulse Reflectometry is a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technique that emits sound pulses and measures the waves that bounce back. Based on the patterns of these reflected waves, our device lets you know the type of defect and its distance along the tube.

Structures that are perfect for inspection with our devices are boilers, fin fans, condensers, heaters, economisers, super heaters and other heat exchangers.

What makes Talcyon different?

We are the inventor and the only company in the world producing Acoustic Tube Inspection Devices. First bringing this idea to the NDT industry back in 2005, we have disrupted the market with the future method of inspecting tubes. Compared to traditional technologies, acoustic takes readings faster, is more accurate, and more versatile being able to analyse pipes of any shape and material.

We are also the only NDT device maker in the world that does not need you to be NDT certified in order to use our devices. Traditionally you would need to be an experienced NDT certified personnel to identify the type of defects from the reflected sound signals.

But with Talcyon’s unique smart analysis embedded in our devices, it makes inspection easier by helping you interpret the sound signals to find the defects. You and your inspection team no longer need to be NDT certified and with just 2 days of our NDT training, anyone can inspect tubes like an expert.

Headquartered in Singapore together with our development and production team, Talcyon gives you quality and reliability in tube inspection technologies.
We situate our manufacturing plant in Singapore to closely monitor and ensure our Tube Inspection Devices are top of the market. Just like you, we value accuracy and put each manufactured device through stringent quality checks meeting ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards.

What is Talcyon’s purpose?

Talcyon brings you the future of NDT with Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry Technology, making your tube inspections more accurate, easier, and faster.

Product Introduction


Talycon’s flagship product, APRIS (Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry Inspection System) finds holes, blockages, and wall-loss in tubes or pipes up to 25 metres in length and between 7 to 100 millimetres in inner diameter.

APRIS is great for the inspection of boilers, fin fans, condensers, heaters, economisers, super heaters and other heat exchangers. We know how important it is to you to prevent failures and minimise downtime as time is money. That is why we spent the past 2 years solely on the research and development of APRIS; constructing it to be one of the best NDT devices in the market for such applications.

APRIS is the improved generation of its predecessor, revamped with better accuracy, more flexibility, and higher intelligence. APRIS is fast, reliable, intuitive, and safe.


Using Acoustic Technology, APRIS takes a reading less than 10 seconds making it one of the fastest inspection devices in the market.

During a typical twelve hour inspection shift, APRIS can analyse more than 2000 tubes, while other devices fall short of at least 1000 tubes.

APRIS does not limit you in the shape and material of the tube that can be analysed. May it be a bend or curved tube made of plastic or graphite, APRIS can do the job. This saves you time and money from having to invest in other inspection devices.


Having a low tolerance level of 10%, APRIS accurately captures holes of at least 1 millimetre in diameter, blockages of at least 5 percent cross section reduction, and wall-loss of at least 10% of wall thickness.

With APRIS, you can find defects confidently at least 90% of the time.


Intuitive to use, APRIS can be used by anyone. No NDT certification is required to use APRIS unlike other NDT devices. We made APRIS smart so that it will be the brains and do the work for you and your inspection team.

What makes APRIS smart? This stems from its analysis of the sound signals. Our research team studied 1.5 million tube signatures to develop APRIS’ intelligence. After APRIS takes a reading of the tube, a report will be generated on the types of defects and its location along the tube. The software interprets the sound signals for you defining which is a hole, blockage, or wall-loss, letting you know the severity of the damage.

Traditionally, an NDT certified specialist is required to make sense of the signature patterns, but now with APRIS, everyone can understand these signatures.


Not only saving you time, APRIS also gives you peace of mind being an non-invasive device. It does not cause damage or require dismantling of your equipment for inspection. It does not have long probes to be inserted into the pipe or tube; making APRIS safe and friendly to use.

APRIS is the future of NDT, making your tube inspections more accurate, easier, faster, and safer.

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