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KENA Petroleum Equipment Expect Your Visiting at cippe2019

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Beijing KENA Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is an instrument company that has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of CNC logging equipment for many years. It has introduced DF-1 CNC logging tools, DI-1 and SKN-3000 integrated numerical control instruments, representing the competitiveness of China in ground equipment. The company was first established in 1994 and is well-known in the logging industry with the DF-1 CNC logging tool. The SKN-3000 CNC logging tool introduced later took a lead in the ground equipment of CNC logging in China. Our company has three sets of SKN-3000 numerical control logging equipment, which can be used in open hole and casing well numerical control logging, and also has production well logging perforation function. Since its launch in 1997, SKN-3000 CNC logging system has been promoted to many oilfields and departments such as Zhongyuan Oilfield, Jiangsu Oilfield, Changqing Oilfield, Dagang Oilfield and Yanchang Oil Mine, which have been well received by users. As early as the era of SKN3000 CNC logging tools, our company found that the types of downhole instruments are complicated, and that they do not consider each other’s combination, as well as most of them are single-item logging. Compared with the combination and systemization of modern logging technology, the gap is very large. Even if the combination is realized, the instrument string is too long to complete the whole logging. After carefully analyzing Schlumberger’s rapid logging platform (only 11.6 meters), our company developed and launched the CPK5000 fast logging platform with independent intellectual property rights.

Our booth number at cippe 2019 is E3786 and welcome to visit us and have a further talk at the time.

SKN-3000 CNC logging tool: for open hole logging and coring, casing well logging and perforating. Its main features are as follows: domestically produced downhole instruments, imported 3700 and CSU series downhole instruments are classified into different power supply modes and five types of electrical signal output; adopt high-speed A/D sampling, high-speed D/A arbitrary waveform generation technology, relay array and bus structure technology; make full use of the computing and control capabilities to minimize the hardware structure, so that the system can be attached to many types of downhole instruments, with good compatibility, scalability and stability. Since the launch of SKN-3000 CNC logging system in 1994, it has been promoted to Changqing Oilfield, Yanchang Oilfield Group, Zhongyuan Oilfield, Jiangsu Oilfield, Jianghan Oilfield and North China Bureau of Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, etc., and has been well received by users. This instrument has already undertaken logging construction services abroad.

CPK5000 Rapid Platform: Developed by Beijing Kona Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd., it is a highly integrated, highly reliable and high precision CNC logging system. Its main features are as follows: all conventional logging projects measured in one downhole, including electrode system 4m, 2.5m, 0.5m potential, natural potential, even oblique, microelectrode caliper, sound velocity, natural gamma, vector double induction sphere focusing, microsphere type focus logging, wellbore mud resistivity, cable head tension, wellbore temperature, thin layer acoustic wave and other logging projects can greatly improve logging aging. The software and hardware are designed with the latest technology. The integration of software and hardware is high and the instrument length is only 10.6 meters. It is the shortest and most integrated fast logging platform in China. The 4-meter, 2.5-meter and 0.5-meter electrode systems are installed in the induction coil. On the system, the electrode uses a focusing algorithm, while still using the current electrode horse faucet. The vector sensing uses 24-bit high-speed AD acquisition, Fourier calculation, array sensing algorithm. The DSP, FPGA and other technologies make the instrument highly integrated, reproducible and stable. The ground logging software adopts cross-platform design, which not only runs Windows system but also Linux system, while Linus system has high security and stable system. The CPK5000 rapid platform has obtained qualified comparative data in the Kesuo 1 well of CNOOC, the Gugu 8 well in Shengli Oilfield, and the Yanchang oil mine simulation 2 well. And the qualified data of several wells have been measured in the Yanchang Oilfield. There are currently five CPK5000 rapid platforms in use in Yanchang oilfield. Beijing Chuangweihe Technology Development Co., Ltd. uses our CPK5000 rapid platform to serve in Uzbekistan.

CPK5000 storage logging platform: including CPK5000 storage cementing logging platform and CPK6000 pumping storage logging platform.
(1) Powered by batteries, the whole set of instruments must have low power consumption and designed for more than 48 hours.
(2) The logging data are stored on an SIM card, and the capacity of the card is designed to be as large as 32G.
(3) Using DSP technology.
(4) Natural gamma is counted by the capture technique of DSP.
(5)The sound amplitude variable density waveform uses the high speed acquisition technology of DSP.
(6) Using CAN technology to establish communication with the notebook computer, the computer checks the storage instrument and sets the working mode. After the setting is completed, the instrument starts to work automatically.
(7) Record the relationship between depth and time, and the depth relationship between ground time and downhole instrument time. Designed to create a downhole depth system that visually records the depth of the instrument in the borehole.
(8) Write software and calibrate the depth.
(9) The instrument takes an energy-saving working mode.
(10) Underground large data storage technology.
(11) Underground automatic program control technology.
(12) Data storage playback technology.

Provide logging technology services.
Provide logging technology supports to companies when needed.

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